Our Homework Coach can save your relationship with your child!

One of our most popular categories of tutor is one we call a “homework coach.” This is a tutor who works with students two or more days after school, helping them stay organized, motivated and on-track with all their school subjects. This works especially well with ADHD or disorganized children.

History test coming up? The tutor will help prepare flash cards and quiz the student the night before the test.

Big English project? The homework tutor will help the student plan ahead, prepare an outline, conduct necessary research, and schedule time for reviewing the final product.

For many children -- especially those with learning disabilities and/or ADHD -- homework is hard! It can be frustrating to both student and parent when assignments take twice as long as other kids, or when every night becomes a battle as parents try to keep their child focused. A good homework helper can take a lot of this stress out of the home by helping the student stay on top of their work and confident about upcoming tests.

And more than that: our coach will also provide tools to help manage or overcome any executive function deficits your child may have.

Our best homework helpers are often young college grads who remember what high school was like. They end being as much a mentor as tutor.

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"I could not have asked for better results." -- Susan S.

Homework Tutor"Thank you for selecting Tutor Bryan Evans (pictured left) to help my son, Lawrence. Bryan was encouraging and insightful. He quickly came up with a plan to get Lawrence focused and on track.

My son is so much more confident and has learned life skills to accomplish what he needs. The homework battles are gone. I could not have asked for better results.

This was worth every penny and did not cripple me with a contract or driving all over to get the help we needed. Thank you so much for being so affordable. I would recommend this for anyone who wants to equip their child with the life lessons that Bryan brought to our home."

Homework HelperShay K. turned to a homework helper when her daughter Shannon's grades started slipping an both mom and daughter began to doubt Shannon’s ability to keep up with her private school peers. Homework Coach Arlette Fernandez (pictured left with Shannon and her mom) quickly restored Shannon's self-confidence. "My daughter's grades went back to A's and B's in two weeks," reports Shay. "Her teachers were astounded by the turnaround. Arlette has become the touchstone that she needs to know she can succeed."