Here are some helpful tips to help your child prepare for final exams:

  • Make a study plan three or four weeks before finals start. Sit down with your student(s) and make a list of which finals they have and how much studying they think they need for each subject. Then, in an organized way, make a realistic schedule for which days they will devote to studying for each test.
  • Obtain study guides from each teacher, or at least get clarification on what topics or chapters will be on the final. No assumptions!
  • Help them study in the way that fits their learning style. If they are visual learners, make sure they have a well-lighted study area with no distractions and utilize flashcards. With auditory learners, perhaps sit with them and quiz them on each subject or read over the study guide aloud. Kinetic learners may need to take notes or create topic diagrams as they study.
  • Encourage them to gather and organize items from their notebooks such as graded tests and quizzes, notes, worksheets, and completed homework assignments. Many of these items can serve as study aids and offer insight into what may be on the final.
  • ADHD-diagnosed or less motivated students may find it easier to study in short chunks of time. Set a timer for 25 minutes, and then allow a 10 minute break. This can help them to re-energize their brains and stay focused during studying. It may also help them find the self-discipline to keep working if they know a break is coming up soon, especially if you have their favorite snack on hand as a reward!

Follow these tips and you’ll find that your child’s efforts to prepare for finals will pay off with good grades! Contact In-Home Tutors Nashville if we can help with the student guides.

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