At the start of the new school year, it seems worthwhile to list our typical replies to some typical questions parents ask.

“When should we start tutoring?”

Regular tutoring from the start of the school year is best.  Your child will need fewer sessions, and there will be less stress than if you wait for them to fall behind before you bring in a tutor. If your student has typically struggled with reading or math, schedule a good tutor to come for just one hour a week right from the first week of school, and you’ll see that they’ll keep up with their peers and keep their confidence. It’s easier to keep up than catch-up.

“We do not get much homework; do we need a tutor every week?”

Practice consistency both in tutoring and in daily homework habits. Most children thrive on routine. Have a set amount of time for homework each day — at the same time each day, as much as your sports schedules allow — and if you complete homework early, use the extra time to review what your child learned this week.  The weekly tutor will reinforce these routines, both working on new material and reviewing old.  (Here’s more information on our programs.)

When should we have the tutor come? Straight after school?

This depends on the child and your schedule. Generally younger children do better earlier, but do allow them time after school to unwind and get a snack. Older kids do fine after dinner as long as they do not get too tired.  But here’s something important: try not to let your child sit in front of a TV or video game right before tutoring; that allows their brain to go into passive mode and they often really struggle to get back to active learning.

Does tutoring really help? Can’t the child go in early to see the teacher?

Your child should take advantage of whatever the school offers, but there are documented benefits of one-on-one tutoring help in the home.  Failing students come up to passing grades and students are far more likely to feel more positive about school and learning. (Here’s some sample research). A good tutor knows how to boost your child’s self-esteem.

 You probably have more questions… call us at 615-823-1619, we’ll be happy to talk!