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Nashville Math Tutors From Arithmetic thru Calculus

Private Nashville Math Tutors

Whatever grade your child is in, we can help them overcome their struggles with math. Our elementary school tutors understand Common Core principles. Our middle and high school tutors know how to teach all levels of algebra, geometry, statistics, pre-calculus and AP Calc. And we have more than a few Vanderbilt grads who can help your college student with Calculus I and Calculus II. Call us at 615-823-1619. Or fill out our contact form.

Did you know that tutoring centers often cost more than private tutoring? These companies usually charge assessment fees, material fees, and up-front payment of program packages. You are responsible for getting your child to the center on time.

With In-Home Tutors, there’s no registration fee, no assessment fee, no contract, and no hidden fees of any kind. We send private tutors to your door on your schedule. Tutors are available after school and on the weekend. Many can work during the weekday for those students who are homeschooled. We charge by the session. You can stop tutoring at any time.

Elementary School Math Tutors

Our elementary school tutors hold teacher certifications and have extensive experience with children of this age. They are up-to-date on TCAP (TNReady) standards.

We understand how important your child’s safety is to you. Our tutors undergo background and reference checks.

For students with special needs, we provide tutors with special education certification who can help with learning challenges such as dyscalculia.

Conquering Math Anxiety

A study published in 2013 by the University of Chicago found that more than 50% of first and second graders experienced moderate to severe math anxiety. This anxiety results in less knowledge, poorer grades, and lower standardized test scores–starting in elementary school and persisting all the way up through college.

Being anxious about math isn’t the same thing as being bad at math. It actually makes performance worse. That’s why early intervention can make such a difference. A 2015 study published by the Journal of Neuroscience found that third-graders had a 20% reduction in math anxiety after eight weeks of one-on-one tutoring.

Our math tutors work with students to help reduce this anxiety, taking away the negative associations they have about math. This leads to better test grades and more completed homework. Many of our students just need that one-on-one attention from a talented and compassionate tutor who believes in them.